Personal Stories

Ted Burnham

By Barney Burnham — I must have been about four or five when rugby first came into my life. I’d probably been aware of it for a while, since it was something which took up a lot of Dad’s time... Read more

Philip Sawyer

I joined WRFC in 1953. At that time the Club had its HQ at the Old Talbot in Sidbury and played on rented pitches including Perdiswell.... Read more

Derek Thompson

Ah! Thompson your leaving at the end of this term aren’t you? Yes. Well then go and join Worcester Rugby Club... Read more

David Hallmark

I came to WRFC at Bevere in Autumn 1964 and met the Club Captain Jeremy Richardson and our meeting was featured in the Worcester News - an 18 year old fresh from school... Read more

Tony Halford

Best Club season I believe was 1965-66. The three quarters were a confident group but, at Stafford, were brought down to earth when the travelling reporter for the Worcester News... Read more

David H Richardson

My introduction to Worcester Rugby Football Club was Sunday mornings picking up stones off the Bevere pitches when I was still at school... Read more

Clive Spencer

I moved to Worcester in September 1969 to take up a teaching appointment at New College Worcester – then known as Worcester College for the Blind... Read more

Jeremy Richardson

My game was amateur and as well as playing, it was all about making money to keep the club going. I played on Pitchcroft then moved to Bevere and finally to Sixways... Read more

The Powells

The Powell family has been associated with WRFC for nearly 50 years. Let us leave Alan, the paterfamilias, for a moment, for there are other people who need recognition... Read more

Jonny Arr

I’ll be honest, as a mini/junior the early Sunday morning starts took a while to get used to, however, from the first time I was given the blue and gold jersey, I knew I was a part of something special... Read more

Worcester Rugby Football Club Former Players Association

A long, long time ago, (1956) in a far off country called Bevere, several young men (well they were then) decided to form a Colts section attached to Worcester Rugby Club... Read more

Jon Wootten

I first became involved with the colts at the end of the 1979/80 season. I wanted to play rugby, any rugby, so big Ron Saunders and Derek Thompson welcomed me and gave me a game... Read more

Wilkes Family Involvement

The family involvement with WRFC evolved from Dad’s, Brian Wilkes playing days during the 1950’s. The pitches were on Perdiswell and the club met at The Old Talbot Pub in the city... Read more

Richard Wilkes

I played in all age groups from the Under 9's upwards and, at some stage, played for every team, junior and senior. However most of my senior rugby for Worcester was 2nd XV... Read more

Peter Johnson ~ WRFC Colts 2006 - 2013

I've had a long relationship with junior rugby at the Club which started when my sons started playing in the U7's under the watchful eye of Roger Burraston. Like many keen dads, I followed them through... Read more

Lou Wadley

I was still at the Kings School when I had my first involvement with WRFC as I was selected to play in the A XV on Boxing Day 1959 against Kidderminster 2nd XV... Read more

Stuart Preece

My first introduction to WRFC was playing for Kings School Worcester 1ST XV against the very successful Worcester Colts team lead by Ron Saunders... Read more

Bill Mason

Like many of us, I joined the Worcester Rugby Club on the "instructions" of one "Chunkie" Robertson, my form master at Worcester Boys Grammar School... Read more

Neil Morris

The question I get asked most often is “How did you become Headteacher of Christopher Whitehead Language College, an 11-18 Worcester city school?”... Read more

Stephen Lloyd

In 1999 Dick Cummings and Phil Maynard organised a tour to Coimbra in Portugal. There are many stories from this trip but I will share just this one... Read more

Dave Payne

During his professional life as an accountant, David served WRFC as Treasurer, but his association with the Club started in the 1940s before he left RGS... Read more

Andrew Gebhart

I met my wife of 40 years at the club. I was working for Cadbury McVities Cakes in Blackpole and was training with the club but returning home at weekends... Read more

Simon-Andre Penney

You might recall Neville South telling the tale about one of our team mates being chased up a tree by two bloody great dogs. It's a true story, I was that guy.... Read more

Paul Croad

WRFC U14's win at twickenham in 2008. The game was played as a curtain raiser for the Guiness premiership final between Wasps and Leicester... Read more

Malcolm Fender

I moved to Worcester in January 1974 to take up a post at the Royal Grammar School and also undertook sleep-in duties at Worcester College for the Blind (as it was called in those days). I became friends with Clive Spencer... Read more

Terry Hackling

The friendships forged in the heat of battle on the rugby field have with-stood the passage of time. I couldn’t have wished for a better rugby club to join all those years ago... Read more

Niall Crawford

In my 38 year association with Worcester Rugby Club some of my fondest memories are playing for the Colts. I was fortunate enough to start playing for the colts, age 16 just as I started sixth form at Droitwich high school... Read more

John (the Happy Hooker) Smith

As a relatively new convert to Rugby Football my first experience of a Worcester overseas tour provided something of a rude awakening - quite literally... Read more

Phil Collins: Significant Irishmen 1971 - Present

Having come to Worcester to train as a secondary science teacher, I spent 3 blissful years playing a whole host of sports and studying very little... Read more

Dave Guest: WRFC Ladies 2006-2016

Following the 2006 World Cup, the players involved were allocated rest from league action, some took shorter rests than others, some took the opportunity to travel and some retired... Read more

Samantha Pritchard (daughter of Terry Price)

As kids we were part of the six ways family. I was born in 1973 and my mum carried me around the foundations of Six ways. My dad played rugby every week without fail!!... Read more

Ninian Davies

Arriving at Sixways at the end of September 1976 was indeed quite a shock for a young man used to playing his rugby initially in the villages of deepest West Wales... Read more

A Conversation with Ken Taylor

It was at the time that he gave up teaching, 1950, that he became secretary of the club, a post he held for seven busy years – these seven years were the period when Worcester R.F.C. purchased and moved to the present ground... Read more

Cyril Waters

It is said of Cyril that he was the most competent and consistent fullback in the history of the Club. Certainly the achievement of 2,300 points scored mainly through his prodigious kicking in 17 years playing for Worcester... Read more

Ted (Gaffer) Jay

By his own admission being elected President of Worcester Rugby Football Club has been the greatest honour in Ted Jay’s life. ... Read more

John Morewood & Family

As most of you know, John will go down in the history of the Club, as its first full time employee... Read more

Martin Johnson

I started playing at Sixways in 1976, courtesy of Ron Walker who was a stalwart of my then cricket club, The Old Elizabethans, and whose daughter, Sandra I was going out with at the time... Read more

James Goodman

My memories of Worcester Rugby Club date back to my early childhood as my dad played for the club in his younger days alongside such people as George Everton, Bernie Blower, Derek Thompson and many others of that era... Read more

Tim Beattie

My introduction to Worcester RFC was as a teenager of 16 years old having left the shelter of schools rugby at Bromsgrove School in 1973 playing back row. The only previous experience of adult rugby was for Bromsgrove School 1st XV... Read more

Roger Penfold

The Club went on tour most Easter holidays and the favoured location was Torquay in Devon. One tour in particular sticks in my mind, the Easter tour in 1965... Read more

Worcester Mixed Ability Rugby

Worcester RFC branched into the realms of mixed ability rugby in the 2016-2017 season. This style of rugby has been growing rapidly in popularity across the globe with the statement that rugby is a sport for everyone... Read more

Chris Johnston

I’d recently moved from Hereford and was living in Pershore, when I decided to have a look at the new club at Sixways. The first person I met from Worcester RFC was Neville South... Read more

Martin Watson

In 1986 a friend from the fire brigade, Andy Dugard, asked me if I wanted to go training with him at Worcester rugby club, I hadn't played since my school days at Old Swinford 20 years previously... Read more

Dave Whiting

A young, quite large, 10 year old footballer came along to try a rugby session on a Sunday morning and was greeted by a friendly Andy Sharwood who told me I could tackle the pad he was holding as hard as I could... Read more

Steve Lloyd

My time with The Wanderers started 2 years after I retired from rugby in 2000 in 2002 . I met up with a bunch of the boys and bloke called Steve Tustin asked if I would become their Coach... Read more

Tom Ryder

After good progress and a couple of consecutive promotions I joined a team as Head Coach with huge momentum and confidence in 2009/2010 season after Christmas and saw the team comfortably secure promotion to Midlands 1... Read more

Gareth Owens

I moved to Worcester at the beginning of 2007, having moved for work with NatWest from West Wales. I grew up and went to school in Brecon and all through my time at University in Cardiff and working in Aberystwyth, I travelled to Brecon to play rugby... Read more

Mrs Madeline Smith

I was first introduced to Worcester Rugby Football club in the early 1970’s when my eldest son, Ian, played for the re-formed Colts team, against Stourbridge Colts at the Bevere ground... Read more

Mike Pryce

There's a common perception among fans that covering rugby matches for the media is a bit of a doddle. Maybe if the venue is Twickenham, or the Millennium Stadium that could be true. But at Worcester Rugby Football Club’s ground at Bevere in the 1960s it was certainly not... Read more

Robert (Bob) Paul

Dad moved to Worcester from London on his marriage in 1955 aged 31. He had previously played rugby for a London Club and joined WRFC then based in Bevere when he settled in Worcester... Read more

Richard Turner

My first memory of WRFC was in 1955 when I was eleven and lived on the corner of Green Lane & Bevere Close, my friends and I would go over to the field that became the rugby club to pick up stones when they were preparing the pitches... Read more

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