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In 1999 Dick Cummings and Phil Maynard organised a tour to Coimbra in Portugal. There are many stories from this trip but I will share just this one. You need to remember that we are 3 years into Professional Rugby and that this is probably the last of the tours Pro Clubs went on.

We had enjoyed a fine trip, winning our match and the 7's tournament we entered and we had a days R&R on the seaside. The shout went up for seafood extravaganza so we found a delightful beachside restaurant and ordered buckets of prawns and gallons of Vino Verde. It was magnificent sat in the sunshine enjoying the chat and camaraderie. Once we had finished our desserts and espressos it was thought that we should avail ourselves of the Beach and perhaps a quick splash in the Atlantic surf. Fuelled by vino and prawns we all headed off to splash about in the sea.

The usual nonsense occurring when changing into swimgear, sand in pants, towels pulled down, clothes thrown around ensued, but it was all ok because the beach was empty and we were the only ones there.

And as we were on our own the shout went up for naked swim. At this point 35 chaps dropped their shorts and sprinted (jogged gently) to the surf!! As we got to the sea we noticed we had been running along a sand dune and when that stopped we were stood, naked, loud and splashy in what can only be decribed as a classic family day out at the beach. There must have been a couple of hundred Portuguese folks previously enjoying their day out only to look confused and shocked as 35 naked chaps rounded the point!! Needless to say we jumped in the sea quick as poss with a quick wave to the onlookers and a glint in our eye. Getting out is a whole other story but I would say that those Portugeuse will still be talking about that day out at the Beach!!


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