Tony Halford

Player, 1964-67. Best Club season I believe was 1965-66. The three quarters were a confident group but, at Stafford, were brought down to earth when the travelling reporter for the Worcester News challenged them, after a few beers, to a race across the car park. He duly dispatched them one after another – he turned out to be a talented Harriers sprinter.

I joined the club in 1964 – took part in stone picking on the pitch and in the pre-season trials. The new boys taking over from Everton, Wilkes and Walters were Richardson, (J) Baxter, Wadley, South, Veale & Harrison.

It was a vibrant Club with drinking games after the match, then mopping the floor before the coach arrived from Ronkswood nurses quarters for the evening dance. These were more liberal days before breathalysers!

Away games were just that and the coach rarely returned before midnight, having stopped at various venues on the way back.

With the move to Sixways the amenities were much improved on and off the field. With Hallmark, Duckworth & Everton to the fore, we moved towards professionalism with the advent of the Floodlight tournament, Roger Murray bringing the sponsorship of the MEB.

Subsequently Cecil Duckworth came on board as the main sponsor, David Hallmark co-ordinated a lottery bid and we were on the treadmill. Training shed, a new full-time, live in steward in John Morewood, paid employees, coaches and players. The rest is history.

By 2018 the Warriors had a wonderful stadium and a £40 million debt. The Wanderers had a new clubhouse and pitches but no live in steward and no investments!

Charity work – Under Neville South we ran a rugby ball to Stratford-upon-Avon. Raised enough money for a defibrillator, which Worcester Hospital declined, as it would increase hospital staffing costs – but thank you anyway!

Worcester Rugby Football Club 1871 - 2021
Tony Halford: front row middle

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