Dave Payne

During his professional life as an accountant, David served WRFC as Treasurer, but his association with the Club started in the 1940s before he left RGS. In those days he remembers matches being played at Perdiswell on the corner of Bilford Road and on the old airfield (where the swimming pool is now). Players would change at the Old Talbot in town and then cycle up to Perdiswell.

David left school in 1950 and went to work for John Flay, an accountant who was a member of the holding committee that bought the land at Bevere from Ray Wadley. Dave remembers that the case was about £1875.

He has vivid memories of the early days at Bevere. A common evening occupation was stone clearing (thrown into adjacent gardens). Dave helped to man the bar alongside people like John Flay, Eddie Brooks and John Vale. One innovation, unusual at the time, was a Valuables Box for players which was kept safely behind the bar. Entrance fees for spectators were collected at half-time by Bill Richardson.

In those pre-Internet days, Worcester had a Saturday evening sports paper (the "Green 'Un"). The match reporter was Keith ("Skinny") Innes of the News and times. There was no phone available to him at Bevere so he had to run down to the New Inn on the Ombersley Road to phone in his report.

David recalls a 7s competition at Bevere when Billy Hullin brought a team from Wales including Stuart Watkins, the Welsh International (unfortunately Watkins was injured and did not play).

Other memories are Johnny Morewood, the first steward and then Mr and Mrs Galloway; Philip Sawyer taking a plane ride to look for a suitable site to replace Bevere; the skittle alley which was used by other groups; the visit of Max Boyce; Ray Shrimpton always called "Master Ray".

Personal memories included how David's little daughter and his wife helped him in emptying and counting the contents of the fruit machines and how his son, Martin, in the minis said he was a "peg" when he meant a prop.

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