Dave Whiting

Worcester RFC has is more than a rugby club.

A young, quite large, 10 year old footballer came along to try a rugby session on a Sunday morning and was greeted by a friendly Andy Sharwood who told me I could tackle the pad he was holding as hard as I could. It was at this moment I was hooked. Who knew that boy would go on to become captain of Worcester RFC.

Playing minis at this club was amazing, from the hilarious tours, to the north midland cup wins and playing at Twickenham before the Premiership final. Not only welcoming me but my dad also, he became a coach, well more of a helper to the other coaches being from a football background, but having him play an active role helped Sundays become that more enjoyable. I was never the best player at junior rugby floating between 1st and 2nd team. However, Worcester Colts was where I started to blossom as a player. Learning from players 3 years my senior and developing my game. Pete Johnson asking me to captain the side when I was just 16 years of age added a responsibility I had never experienced before. Colts rugby was also the time when I realised how rugby and drinking go hand in hand and what and unforgettable 3 years I had. Called up to the 1XV at 18 was a huge honour playing with some absolute legends of the club. Something a young arrogant me didn’t really appreciate as much as I should have at the time.

Senior rugby has always been hit and miss for me. I've been plagued with injuries and with a couple of unsuccessful moves away from the club. It's been a difficult journey to where I am now. However, Worcester has always been the reliable constant in that journey. An opportunity to play a sport with my closest friends, bonds that have been built that will last a life time.

There was a time in my life when I resented rugby, I lost all love for the game, and the game that I felt had been so cruel to me. The last thing I wanted to do was play rugby. It was a very difficult time for me personally. However, Worcester always made me feel like I had a freedom to play, when others would try and shackle my maverick nature. Worcester always welcomed me with open arms. I am a difficult player to manage and will always be, however Worcester as a club have always seemed to do it effortlessly.

I have now moved on to challenge myself once again, with the dream again of playing at the highest level. A dream I had lost for many years, but Worcester allowed me to find my passion and enjoyment in rugby again. Whenever, I return to watch a game I am still greeted with same warm welcome I felt whilst I played at the club everyone at the club so supportive of my move and intrigued of how my time at Ebbw Vale is going. The support I still have from the club is unbelievable from a number of players and members waking up at 6am to watch me play in Australia to lads traveling down to Newport to watch me play. I feel every time I play I no longer play for myself but I play to represent the whole of Worcester RFC, every time I take the field.


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