Jeremy Richardson

This is a typewritten version of the handwritten memories of Jeremy Richardson one of our oldest former players and captains.

My game was amateur and as well as playing was all about making money to keep the club going. I played on Pitchcroft then moved to Bevere and finally to Sixways. Fourth team to first team and years later back to the fourths and retirement.

Worcester Rugby Football Club 1871 - 2021
WRFC 1988 4TH Team - Jeremy, kneeling 2nd right, nephew (Jeremy) kneeling second left & son Ian standing 4th left

One of our main fundraisers was the Christmas Draw and a ticket which listed out all the members and their donations to the Draw. We also produced a regular magazine 'Over The Bar' and later 'Touchline' for all our members.

It did not matter who you were, directors of a bus company or wine merchants, down to dustmen, they were all good friends. We played hard but you were expected to pay your match fees and buy your rounds of beer.

Captains helped with training and selection but we were all members of WRFC and, as stated, good friends both on and off the field. Even the lady members were put to work cooking the team meals after the game and very nice they were too.

The wives and girl friends only expected us to say sober!!! Luckily they did not travel to away games or on English or foreign tours. They were known as "her indoors".

On retiring and the club going professional times changed but not in an unfriendly manner. The whole game changed off the field. The opposition now leaves early because of drink driving or because wives are waiting for them. Home games have changed for the better with spectators about, not just on the field, but in the bar, there were not many in my day just retired or old men. Another thing, television in the bar slows drinking and chatting to the opposition but modern rugby is here and one has to go with it.

I am an honorary life member, do not pay a member's subscription and so do not receive letters to say what is happening. I phoned and they agreed that I was a life member but I would have to pay £50 for paperwork and membership including information about when teams are playing. (Note by RTC this latter statement is not correct but unfortunately the club does not have a means of keeping in touch with members who are not on the internet). Further Jeremy family notes.

Times do change but memories do not and the photos of us all do keep the great grand children informed.

The shop in St. Johns was passed on to a new owner who has kept the name of RICHARDSONS on the front because he said it was well known and good service given. We feel very proud.

Our service to the News Agency, Sport and the Post Office at the Dines Green shop are also well remembered and we still wake up at 4 in the morning ready to open the shop for night workers going home and the early workers on their way to work. We did sell lots of fags and pipe tobacco and sweets for the children.

I walked down The Shambles and visited a pub the other week and a dozen elderly gents said "Hello Jeremy nice to see you alive but not playing rugby or rowing or in the shop."

Our grand children follow us (WRFC) with pictures in the paper and are students at Christopher Whitehead. My second son and daughter work in public houses and the other two visit them quite often so I taught them well.. they do invite me sometimes!!!

Getting old - as well as paying attention to the wife and kids - it has taken me weeks to fill in fifteen albums of photos and rugby reports from the Green Uns. I tell friends and everybody to do the same. Start now before it is too late.

Worcester Rugby Football Club 1871 - 2021
Right - Jeremy Richardson


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