John Morewood

A TRIBUTE TO THE MOREWOOD FAMILY (‘Over the Bar’ 1978/79 edition).

John Morewood Worcester Rugby Football ClubThis is a rather belated tribute to the Morewood family as ‘Over the Bar’ is somewhat spasmodic in its appearance. This is no criticism of the editorial committee for the news of John’s departure had only just broken when the last issue came out.

As most of you know, John will go down in the history of the Club, as its first full time employee. In fact, the only professional among so many amateurs, and this is what he so ably proved to be, for whatever the crisis – and believe me they were many and varied; John was always in control and most people were unaware that anything was amiss. Likewise Pam in her domain of the kitchen – five teams at home, no problem!

After coming to Sixways, your G. F. Committee soon realised that we had to create wealth to enable us to meet the ever mounting pile of bills to be paid each month. This has been achieved by the efforts of many people, and many types of events have been organised, but at the end of the day, the main work load was heaped on the shoulders of the Morewood family. This was accepted without complaint, and much of our success has been thanks to their enthusiasm, and John’s willingness to keep taking the money and putting it in our till, as long as a customer was willing to spend. Alas, many thick heads and empty pockets but the Club’s the richer.

You leave us John having set a very high standard for your successor to follow, and may we, as a Club be fortunate in our choice of our next Steward, who I am sure you will be only too pleased to help should he require it.

All members from the youngest Mini to myself, thank you most sincerely and wish you both, and all your family, every success and happiness in your new venture, and we look forward to seeing you often in the future in your original role of a Club patron.

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