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Worcester Rugby Football Club 1871 - 2021

In the year that Worcester Rugby Football Club celebrates its 150 year, it has given me chance to reflect on quite simply what a fantastic club it is.

I’ll be honest, as a mini/junior the early Sunday morning starts took a while to get used to, however, from the first time I was given the blue and gold jersey, I knew I was a part of something special. My journey began as a six-year-old and although I did not realise it at the time, I was immediately welcomed into the WRFC rugby family.

On the field, I was lucky enough to be coached by some amazing people and played with some unbelievably talented players. Being involved in such a strong talent pool without doubt aided with my own personal development. Names such as Jake Abbott, Tim Streather and Charlie Fellows all went on to play Premiership Rugby from one age group alone and I believe that many more had the ability to do so.

Worcester Rugby Football Club 1871 - 2021

I learnt many valuable lessons along the way including the importance of winning with humility and losing with grace. I still have all of the trophies and medals from my playing days at the club, from the very first North Midlands trophy all the way through the National u17’s winners medal that brought an end to my time at the mini juniors. Crucially, however, I still remember some of the near misses and losses just as much.

Away from the field, perhaps the most cherished things I will take away from my time at WRFC are the friends and memories that I have made. I think we will all agree that one of the best things about rugby is the opportunities that you get when you head off on tour. I still recall fondly some amazing trips from Swansea to Devon and finally to Biella, Italy with the WRFC Colts. Just like on the field, I got to learn how to win and lose off it!!

My two years with the Colts, perhaps represented the most important period of my time with WRFC. Fundamentally, it acted as the perfect bridge between junior and senior rugby. It provided the ideal platform to transition into the professional game given the opportunity to compete against the best in the Country via the National Colts Cup. It gave me a taste of what was to come and without it, my journey to the Warriors would have been even more of a challenge.

Even now, 25 years on from first walking into the WRFC clubhouse, I still very much feel part of the club, know that I will always be welcomed into the heart of the club, often bumping into to some familiar faces and having the opportunity to recall some special memories.

I want to extend my thanks to WRFC for all it has given me and my family and look forward to many great times with you all in the future.

Worcester Rugby Football Club 1871 - 2021


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Worcester RFC 1994-2006
Worcester Warriors 2007-2019

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