Ted (Gaffer) Jay

Ted Jay Worcester Rugby Football ClubBy his own admission being elected President of Worcester Rugby Football Club has been the greatest honour in Ted Jay’s life. As he readily admits, having only been a member of the Club for ten years he is a relative ‘new boy’ to a Club which boasts members of 30 and 40 years standing.

He never played rugby after leaving school in Bromsgrove. He has always been an active cricketer as his 16 years as Fox CC Captain might well suggest.

In that time such hobbies-cricketers as Dick and Peter Richardson, Fred Rumsey and Norman Gifford have turned out for the Bransford-based Club so his word must commend a little respect.

A farmer at Leigh in his own right at the age of 21, Ted or ‘Gaffer’ as he is affectionately known, had little time for any other jobbies as the farm took up most of his time.

Only since his son, Bill, whose own promising rugby career was ended prematurely in a car crash, has taken over the day-to-day running of the business, has Ted been able to indulge in a bit of shooting and give his valuable time to Worcester Rugby Club.

As ever, the post of president is a well-earned reward for many hours of unselfish work.

An adopted Herefordian, he serves on the selection committee, and regrets the apparent void at the club between the playing side and the administrative section.

While he would be the first to admit that playing rugby demands a lot of commitment, he is a great advocate of players, young and old, accepting responsible posts within the club, so some sort of continuity may be maintained over the next few years.

‘Gaffer’ Ted was introduced to the club by accident or so he says, by another well-known local member, Ted Burnham.

While he regrets his failure to play the game in his youth, there is no doubt that Worcester Rugby Football Club has already benefited greatly from his friendly yet forceful personality.

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