Cyril Waters

Cyril Waters Worcester Rugby Football ClubIt is said of Cyril that he was the most competent and consistent fullback in the history of the Club. Certainly the achievement of 2,300 points scored mainly through his prodigious kicking in 17 years playing for Worcester 1st XV would support this statement. It is a fact that Cyril has converted from his own 10 yd. line and drop kicked from the half-way line. Cyril, born and bred in Worcester, was educated at Worcester Royal Grammar School from 1933-1940, during which time he participated in all sports, representing the school in Rugby, Cricket, Fives and athletics. His 100 yds. sprint record stood for 27 years. It was during these school years that he received excellent grounding in the basic skills of rugby and has remained a dedicated rugby man both on and off the field ever since.

From school he joined British Rail as a telegraphist. However, war intervened and from 1942 to 1946 Cyril saw service with the Royal Navy (mainly M.T.B.s) in Europe and the Far East, Burma being a "favourite spot". In 1946 he re-joined British Rail and his pre-war job and was with them for a total of 27 years before leaving and takin his present position at ‘Evertons’ in the wine and spirits trade. It was in 1946 that Cyril began his fantastic run of 17 years as the best fullback Worcester 1st XV have ever seen. In his most prolific season he scored 178 points and only once in these 17 years did he ever fail to score more than 100 points. His total dedication to the game was such that he practised kicking four nights a week. (Ed. We wonder what excuses some present day playing members can produce for not even training once a week). From 1958 to 1960 Cyril captained Worcester and by this time the Evening News & Times reporter had used all available stock phrases to praise his performance. He played 60 games for Worcestershire and Herefordshire XV captaining the side on several occasions and scoring over 350 points. He also held the record for becoming the most travelled reserve for the North Midland XV although never actually playing for them.

On the social side, Cyril served for 19 years on the G.P. Committee and although no longer a member of this Committee, he performs numerous tasks around the clubhouse, which include providing touchline flags, ensuring that the bath heaters are on and providing balls with a suitable amount of air for each game (an unenviable task eve if all the balls were always returned to him).

During the building of the present clubhouse in 1955, Cyril was one of the many stalwarts who helped prepare the site and erect the main structure. At this time, Cyril ‘conveniently’ moved to his bungalow in Bevere Drive. In 1961 Cyril received the honour of being made a Vice-President of the Club.

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