Bill Mason

Like many of us, I joined the Worcester Rugby Club on the "instructions" of one "Chunkie" Robertson, my form master at Worcester Boys Grammar School. The year was 1956. A good idea I thought as I had thoroughly enjoyed Rugby at WRGS - football or "soccer" was not played there in those days. I was told that they had, or were, just starting a Colts team. I contacted a master from the Nunnery Wood School, - Glyn Jones and arranged to met him at Bevere one Saturday morning. No rugby was being played but I was immediately enlisted to help remove stones from the pitch. The rest as they say is history.

In those days the Colts XV played against the Colts XV of the Clubs the first XV were playing. As a young 16 year old I was more than happy to learn from the "stars" of the 1st XV; e.g. Cyril Waters, Don Everton, George Everton, and many more. In those days to get to the Club meant catching two buses, from Kempsey to Bevere for home games and training, and to The Olde Talbot in Sidbury for the Coach to away matches. Away matches were really exciting for a 16 year old, returning home late Saturday night and then having to find your way home, very often walking all the way. Happy days.

I was very lucky to be made Captain of the Colts in my last year in this age group before joining the Police Service. My job as a Police Officer meant that I was unable to commit to playing regularly, but continued playing for The Police Training Centre and Worcestershire Constabulary or West Mercia as it is now. Eventually I was posted back to Worcester and resumed playing for my home Club. I managed to play regularly from then on, mostly in the lower teams but spent some happy times in the 1st XV and the "A"XV.

I can remember whilst playing one match for the Wanderers XV, the third team, when I was Captain, I was penalised by David Robins who was refereeing, for "sitting off-side". Something I shall always remember. I was also fortunate enough to be part of the team that started off the Mini Junior Section at Bevere on Sunday mornings, with Mike Robins, Phil Collins and others in the early 1970's.

On relocating from Bevere to Sixways, a coach party of players went to Rugby School where we "ran the ball" from Rugby School where it all started, back to Bevere for the match to open the Clubhouse which was done by Mike Gibson. I am now well into my 70's having been a member since 1956, alongside Keith Graham who was a very nippy scrum-half.

I served on many Committees at the Club over the years, my last job being Secretary of the Former Players Association which I and a few others started some twenty years ago. These days I am privileged to be President of the Former Players Association, a position I am honoured to hold; and will continue to support the Club, both professionals and amateurs as long as I am able.

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