Simon-Andre Penney

Q. When and how did you/your family first become involved with WRFC?
A. I joined WRFC in 1977 having played for Malvern RFC.

Q. What are your favourite memories? Any particularly funny moments which stand out? Any tour stories which won’t result in criminal/libel action?
The French Trip. You might recall Neville South telling the tale about one of our team mates being chased up a tree by two bloody great dogs,it is a true story, I was that guy.
On the same trip we were playing a particularly physical side when Neville had his nose broken resulting from a vicious tackle, Big Bill Mercer shouted the 99 call enough said about that.
How can we ever forget the late great Micky Knott singing his party piece alouette?
I will keep quiet about Dick the Wig for the moment, but I can be bribed.

Q. Which part of the club was most important to you - the rugby or the social side?
A. Rugby football goes hand in hand with both as far as I am concerned.

Q. What were the high and low points of your time with WRFC?
A. My high point was my very first game for WRFC when I scored 2 tries for the third fifteen against Dudley.
The low points were always the losing times.

Q. What do you expect from the next 50 years?
A. Hopefully it will continue to go from strength to strength and give pleasure and memories to it's players.

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